“So, what’s with THAT house?”

We’ve seen them.  That one house that looks like it should sell fast, but it doesn’t.  Which then leads to questions of “what’s wrong with it?”  As a real estate agent, sometimes there are just those ones. Maybe the home is priced right, looks good, photos on the listing look good, the description is good…and […]

Home values and you!

Here is the cardinal rule for selling real estate, values are dependent on location, location, location.  It can be as specific as a couple of blocks in one direction or another where values can be different.  Meaning, you can look at a home on one side of a major street and have a different value […]

Your HOA and you! Things you should know when you sell or buy in a community

Homeowners Associations…either you love them or hate them.  Often times, I am asked about Homeowners Associations and what are the good, bad and ugly about them.  You see, I’ve lived in them and still do.  I often tell buyers it really comes down to the homeowners and your involvement.  If you don’t like what’s going […]

Are all Real Estate Agents the same?

Are all Real Estate professionals the same?  Some may argue yes. While others, and typically those whom are or know someone who is in the profession, counter the argument.  Agents, are agents, are agents…right?  Wrong!! My husband and I have had conversations about the perception of real estate agents.  In his perception, he says he […]

Seller says, “sell it” ! Price Reduced!!

New Reduced Price:  $274,990 Amethyst ~ 2,383 Sq. Ft. 4 beds plus office ~ it’s a must see! Okay, my seller has spoken!  Says “it’s time for this home to be sold”.   What what will it take for you to make an offer? Price Reduced! Seller says “sell it”! Great NW offers the Amethyst plan […]

The new “look” for today’s home

One of the best aspects of my job is the opportunity to see the new housing trends come to life.  Thanks to HGTV and the array of shows, blogs & websites, these types of fingertip resources fuel the creativity and imagination of each home owner and buyer. I have the opportunity to work in New […]

“I’m use to disappointment by now….”

I received this text message from a client after I had to let them know that we were unable to close the house today. The reason why we didn’t close was simple.  With the 4th of July, we essentially lost a day in the banking/business world and now everyone is playing catch up on work.  […]

A picture truly can be worth $1,000’s

There is a saying, a picture is worth a 1,000 words.  This is MOST CERTAINLY true in home selling.  If you are selling a home, consider this…your would be buyer is looking at YOUR home via the internet.  If your home  is not of “picture” quality, most buyers will skip past your listing without a […]

Financing a home? The good, bad and ugly!

As we near the end of 2014, I have time to reflect on this past year.  I reminisce about all parts of the Real Estate business and what I encountered (and endured) this year. Here is what I came to the conclusion on.  The financing of a new home is extremely difficult and challenging.   When […]

Quality of your home = Pay for what you get!

Your home is one of the biggest investments (and decisions) in your life.  As a buyer,  when you enter into a home, you immediately have the “bling” effect.   The granite counter tops you have longed for, the beautiful cabinets and trim throughout.  The tile in the bathroom…and so on.  It’s perfect…or is it? In my […]

Disclosures, Permits & Buyer Beware

You find your dream property. It’s perfect!! Complete with a beautifully remodeled home, fences, additional “cabins” or living spaces, garages…everything you could want.  The current owners have improved the property…almost as if they did it with you in mind. You decided this is THE ONE!  You submit an offer.  Before you sign the “forever paperwork”, […]

Why Wait? It’s really a time to buy!

Why Wait to Buy? In April 2013, our median sold price in Pierce County was $219,000.  As of stats for March 2014, we have seen an increase of 5%.  Chances are the trend will continue.  Many buyers I meet, often show little to no urgency.  Yet, they make comments about how much the pricing of […]

Open House 1/12/14 @ S. Prairie Log Home 1pm – 4pm

Open House 1/12 @ 1pm – 4pm  Open house at this beautifully maintained log home in Bonney Lake area.  Click here for more information.  

2014 Housing Predictions for Pierce County WA

2014 is just around the corner and what will it bring?  Changes! We started seeing another shift with the lending last year. October to be exact.  As a buyer, there are just a few more hoops to jump through.  The biggest change we saw with lending was the change regarding past or older collections on […]

Tis the Season…time for the tree!

I love this time of year.  While the weather may not be so great, I still love getting out to pick out our Christmas Tree.  Every year, like clock work, our entire family ventures out to a local tree farm. Orting, thanks to it’s great farming soil, is home to several farms and tree farms.  […]

Mortgage Debt Relief Act ~ Part 2!

Earlier this year, January to be exact, I posted exciting news about the Mortgage Debt Relief Act being extend. ~ See Breaking News!Debt Forgiveness Act Extended. That law was extended till December 31, 2013.  We are nearing this deadline and what I have been hearing is that it UNLIKELY it will be extended again. So […]

Mortgage Interest Abatement…what is it?

Interest Abatement….what????  Basically, it’s a lender term.  Meaning, that with closing credits offered by a seller and/or lender, this money allocated may be used towards your interest portion of your payment.  Often used as a selling tactic in New Home Sales.  This is available to FHA or VA financing only.  Available for 3-6 months. How […]

Taxes and your new home

It’s common in today’s market for buyers to ask for seller paid closing costs.  But, before you consider that as a negotiation tool, there may be an alternative to consider. When you pay your closings costs, there are some fees that are deductible on your annal taxes. Fees such as: the prorated interest prepaid property […]

Tis the Fall Season, where to get pumpkins & more near Puyallup, WA

It’s my favorite time of year…FALL.  Need some ideas of where area pumpkin patches are here near Puyallup, WA?  Here are a few! City Goat Farm & Zoo – located at 811 168th  St E, Spanaway  WA –  www.citygoatfarmandzoo.com Double R Farms – located at 5820 44th St E, Puyallup WA – www.double-r-farms.net Filbert Acres […]

What buyers are doing in today’s Real Estate Market

Usually, I don’t write about my opinions much and really try to keep it to verified facts.  However, based on my buyer’s recently and the conversations I’ve had with other agents, I decided to do a little “op-ed” piece about today’s Real Estate buyers. More specifically, what’s going on with the buyer’s today and their […]