Buyer’s Info


What To Expect

Buying in today’s market need patience, knowledge and some understanding. We often tell my buyers (first-timers or not) that the market can be bumpy road. We are dealing with different types of sellers; whether it’s a bank, builder, or a homeowner. The purchase agreement we present has been carefully crafted to maximize the interests of you, the buyer.

The market can, and will, change! Sometimes it seems like it changes overnight. We have recently seen a change after a few years of stead pricing which resulted in low inventory and multiple bid situations…but then, it changed! It’s important for us to keep you informed as you enter into the market, looking for a new home. Our goal is to prepare you and help establish a general rule of expectations when navigating the buyer’s world.

Buying Your Home

Buying a home is a nerve-racking endeavor. Today, the lenders we will be working with need a lot of personal information from you. So, I recommend that we start working with a lender from the start to make sure we are ready. This will save a lot of hassle down the road. Once we’ve got the lending out of the way, we start our search. This is vital so you have a full understanding of your new loan and we know that we won’t encounter any hiccups later.

Our job is to help you navigate through the purchase process. We will take a tour of possible homes (after looking online) and outline the pros’ and cons’. This is your ship, so we steer it anyway you want it to go. The home you are going to purchase, you have to love it! You will be the one driving into the driveway each day, and when you do that, you want to feel good. If we only look at 4 homes and you find the one…great! If we need to look at several, that’s okay too. This is your deal. We’re here to help.

Buyers Checklist

Define what your goals are for a new home and what you may be looking for

Contact a professional REALTOR®

Interview and meet with a new mortgage professional – we have references for you!

Make full loan application

Work with us to schedule time to view homes

Find THE HOME and make an Offer!!