What is earnest money?

Earnest Money is similar to a security deposit placed down by the buyer on the property. Depending on the price, location and terms agreed upon, the buyer and seller negotiate the amount offered as Earnest Money. There are terms surrounding what may or may not happen to these funds in the event of default, so please be sure to review your contract for full understanding. Of course, you can always contact us for more details!

How long does it take to buy a home?

This really depends on a few factors, but once a buyer has made an offer on a property, we estimate most closings to take 45-days or less. Each loan type and contract terms can be different, so be sure to refer to your contract for the “closing date”.

When looking to sell my home, how would I get a good idea of the projected value?

You call us! Zillow, Redfin, Assessed Values, and other public tools are a 30,000 foot picture. Agents drill down to the very details of your home and other comparable properties to give you a narrow range. So give us a call!

Do I need a down payment? Are there first time buyer programs?

Did you know there are down payment assistance programs?! There are also down payment options as low as 3% down! Each program is dependent on a few factors, like income & debt ratio, number of persons in your household, location of the property, and so forth. Also, there are programs specifically for first time home buyers and programs for for repeat buyers as well. Call us and we’ll get you down the right path for your needs and goals!