Are all Real Estate Agents the same?

Are all Real Estate professionals the same?  Some may argue yes. While others, and typically those whom are or know someone who is in the profession, counter the argument.  Agents, are agents, are agents…right?  Wrong!!

My husband and I have had conversations about the perception of real estate agents.  In his perception, he says he views real estate agents “as a step up from a used car sales man”.  Now remember, he’s married to one!  I can honestly admit, I have trouble totally disagreeing with him.  I too have run across that “used car sales man”  and I work in the business.  I get the perception, but doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Here’s the real truth.  People have various reasons to get their real estate license.  Most of the time, I will hear people say “wow, your job is so easy and you make a TON OF MONEY!”  (I’m still waiting for my TON by the way).  These individuals view the job as a quick way to earn cash, but what they fail to realize is that this is a career, a business.  You own your own business and it’s you that have to keep boots on the ground and the financials flowing.  Opening the doors to a house to show clients is only a small fraction of our business.  So some rush out, get their license and sell, sell, sell.  Their clients are left abandoned when the going gets tough on a transaction, or the clients feel like they are being taken on a proverbial ride. It’s not a win/win…it’s a client left with a bitter taste in their mouth and the perception is reinforcedBuyers-Today-Real-Estate-Market.

Just like in any business, you have good business and bad. It comes with anything.  I can assure you that not all agents are the same.  There are things that differentiate one agent from another, such as experience, knowledge and the sheer ability to problem solve, just to name a few.   We are problem solvers, financial advisers and yes, sometimes marital and family counselors.  We are genies who have to look out into the housing market future and try to give clients a glimpse of what can be and what will be.  The really good agents can do this with poise and tact.  They can make any deal turn from sour to amazing.  They are good about calming nerves and keeping a poker face when they are negotiating a deal.

So, NO, Real Estate agents/brokers are not not the same.   We are business people.  We are real estate professionals.  And this is why I have chosen this profession as a career and my business!



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