Choosing a lender is as critical as choosing your agent.  If you need help, I work with a handful of Mortgage Professional to help my clients navigate the difficult world of lending.  I often remind my clients that the lending requirements change almost daily these days and things aren’t as they were even 2 years ago.  If you need help choosing a lender, let me know.

Mortgage Programs

You’ve most likely have heard of the standard programs offered by nearly every lender. 

VA – 100% Financing for Military Members

FHA – Minimum 3.5% required down, this is a government backed loan.  Fees & Rates vary depending on purchase amount and credit.

Conventional – Minimum 5% required down.  Fees & Rates vary depending on purchase amount and credit.

But, if the downpayment is hard, there are 100% Downpayment programs still offered.  Each program offers a full loan or a grant for the downpayment and each has their own requirements.  For more information, click on the links for find out more.

USDA– USDA Rural Housing Development programs offer minimal to zero down payment for qualified buyers and properties.

Click here for more information.

HouseKey – The state of Washington offers a government bond loan for down payment assistance to qualified buyers.

Click herefor more information.

City of Tacoma Housing Development – The City of Tacoma offers loans, down payment assistance, and rehabilitation loan programs to qualified buyers purchasing homes within the city limits of Tacoma.

Click here for more information.

Pierce County Housing Programs– Unincorporated areas in Pierce County offer down payment assistance, first time home-buyer and other loan programs to qualified buyers.

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Not every lender offers these programs, so call me. Depending on your need, whether a traditional FHA or VA loan, or your seeking a down payment assistance loan, I can point you in the right direction. Together we’ll see if we can help you achieve your goal of owning your home!

Legal Advice

Depending on your situation, it is often best to seek legal council from a Real Estate attorney. Here are some available:

McFerran, Burns & Stovall, PS – Attorneys at Law.

Certified Public Accountants

Tax Consultants Inc. of Washington.

The above referenced companies are referrals only. Clients are encouraged to seek additional referrals.