The new “look” for today’s home

One of the best aspects of my job is the opportunity to see the new housing trends come to life. Thanks to HGTV and the array of shows, blogs & websites, these types of fingertip resources fuel the creativity and imagination of each home owner and buyer.

I have the opportunity to work in New Construction. Okay, let me back up…I have the opportunity not to only work in New Construction but with a builder who also custom builds. From the custom homes to the speculative homes (such homes you see in planned communities), the “custom this your home your way” is the aspect this builder thrives by. Which in turn makes it totally fun for me. As we get ready for a new home community, we are conducting market research on what buyers/homeowners want today. By research I mean, we go preview homes.

So, what is the new look for today?

This discussion is not as easy as it was just a few years ago. Again, with the influx of all these programs and the web, thanks Pinterest, there are several new styles emerging. They are all very different and offer the “not so cookie cutter” look. And it’s not just the buyers who are looking, but those homeowners that are purely looking for a re-freshen look in their existing home.

The Craftsman

Great-NW-Home-Craftsman-Industrial-DesignThe old style of just craftsman look is even getting a facelift with today’s designs. Bolder, bulkier finishes inside and out. Exposed beams, larger headers, more masonry and more detail from the floor to the ceilings. Large windows allow you to go bold and dark whereas in the past if you went dark in the finishes, it was too dark due to the lack of windows or the smaller window sizes some homes offered. I am also seeing more of the Industrial/Craftsman look. Wood and iron meet together to form the perfect array of texture and color. Very modern yet still gives the cozy feeling the craftsman style brings.

The Modern

Another aspect we are seeing on the mainstream designs is the crisp, clean look of very modern and contemporary. White is the new tan onGreat-NW-Homes-Modern the walls..meaning, white walls are back. (I’m still waiting for bell bottom pants to make a full comeback!) Simple and Clean is the statement in some homes. Again, large windows are even seen in these white palace homes, but it doesn’t overpower the look. The concept of matchy/matchy is also gone. Rather than colors though, I see different textures. One particular home I viewed offered 4 different types of exterior detail. I stood on the door step and literately each wall had a different look and feel. Different siding styles, some glass with the doors and window details, but each one individual. It may be too much for some, but it really can be a custom look.

Living Outdoors

FoGreat-NW-Homes-Outdoorr a while now, outdoor living spaces have become the new trend. Even here where it is said to rain everyday but two weeks out of the year. (Don’t know about you, but I think this is a lie after this Spring & Summer we are having!) Outdoor fireplaces are now becoming additional living spaces. Extra entertaining spaces for cooking and kicking back is the new norm with these covered spaces. While we will see an occasional outdoor that’s not covered, you will see most outdoor areas offer the covering with the option of heat and cooling details, such as fans and propane fueled lamps. BBQ’ing is becoming a year round thing here in our neck of the woods. Finishes carry from the home to these spaces, so you will see many details.

So, regardless of your taste, you will find that homes today offer a little bit of everything. I tend to think that home designs are like fashion. Each trend is just that, a trend. While fashion trends can fade quickly, with the right details your home can offer a look that will withstand the times…and changes.

On a personal note, thank you Great Northwest Homes for sharing these home photos. If you are interested in seeing more of this builder’s work, check them out at www.GreatNorthWestHomes.com. They have some pretty savvy ideas!

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