Your house is ready and so are you.  Now is the time to take a step back and examine the selling process and how the buyer’s perceive the market.  Today, the buyer of your home is most likely heavily armed with an arsenal of information.  Compared to 10-years ago, everything is on line at a buyer’s reach.  The value of the home, past owners, past sales prices, any lien recordings and of course ~ the competition of your home.

As much as many seller’s don’t want to hear it, as a seller you are competing with everything, including Bank Owned (aka REO’s) and Short Sales.  Pricing is critical, more than ever.  The good news is that some of the inventory is not in “move-in” ready condition.  But, buyer’s are shopping on prices.  I’m not suggesting you price your home like the bank property with no doors down the street, but I am reminding you to consider your selling price and find a happy median.

  1. Curb Appeal. While there are some things you can’t change (location, room size, etc.) there are some things you can.  Even during the cold winter months, having your home spic-in-span and ready can give any buyer the comfort of your home.  First, make sure the yard is ready, leaves picked up and bushes trimmed.  If the exterior needs a little touch up paint, do it.  Spend some time getting your home “Show Ready!”  Keep the inside warm (especially during cold months) and clean.  Keep dishes clear, counter tops clear and floors picked up.  Nothing turns your buyers off more than dirty cloths or empty food containers all over the place.
  2. Be Accessible for Showings.  I’m not suggesting that any agent who shows up at your doorstep to let them in, but try to be accommodating to buyers and their agents if they make an appointment.  If the appointment is set, take a step out for an errand or go watch a movie.  Buyer’s feel uneasy with a watchful seller nearby.  We want to make the buyer’s feel welcomed and we want them to stay as long as they need.  The thought is, the longer they stay, the better the chances we have.
  3. Pricing.  As mentioned previously, pricing, pricing, pricing.  Along with a warm, inviting home…pricing is a key component in getting the buyer into the home.  Remember, they’ve shopped on line first. Probably looked at hundreds of homes on the Internet and narrowed it down to a dozen or less.  If you are in that group, you’ve offered a competitive pricing and good marketing to get them to come in.
  4. Marketing.  Real Estate marketing has taken a new approach over the last 10-years.  Internet Marketing is how 95% of your buyers find your home.  But, amongst the sea of homes on-line, there must be a way to make your property stick out.  This is where your agent comes in.  Your Selling Agent will be able to offer you a marketing plan that is specific to your home.  Great photos, fliers and other marketing options is sure to get the buyer’s attention.
  5. Take the emotion out of the sale.  This tends to be one of the most difficult aspects for seller’s.  Many homeowners are emotionally invested into their property; and rightfully so.  However, I often tell my seller’s to try to look at this transaction as a business deal.  You have a buyer who wants to buy.  You are a seller who wants to sell.  The buyer will offer what THEY believe is a fair deal.  Seller’s may have something else in mind.  When the offer comes in, don’t take defense to it (unless it’s totally absurd).  The buyer want’s your home…we just have to negotiate to find the right price for both parties.
  6. Be Ready to Sell.  I tell my seller’s that the biggest headache is the constant feel of “living in a glass house” meaning that you have to be on-call for the agent appointment and the house has to be clean at all times.  This is a short inconvenience and well worth it when we get the offer.

Selling a home is also as nerve-racking as buying.   Finding the right combination of marketing and pricing is how you seal the deal.  Regardless of the type of property, it just takes one buyer.  I offer a full service plan for my sellers complete with ongoing Competitive Market Analysis and marketing plan.  It’s all about the team you have in place that will determine the success of the sale of your home.  Just sticking a sign in the front yard is not enough.  Constant Internet presence and “out-of-the-box” marketing tactics are what help sell the property.  We have a partnership in this deal, I’m here to help!