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“So, what’s with THAT house?”

We’ve seen them. That one house that looks like it should sell fast, but it doesn’t. Which then leads to questions of “what’s wrong with it?”Why homes stay on the market As a real estate agent, sometimes there are just those ones.

Maybe the home is priced right, looks good, photos on the listing look good, the description is good…and so on! So why would a home stay on the market? Well, that’s a hard answer to find sometimes.

I have had these listings. And quite honestly, it boggles my mind sometimes. Of course we look at the condition of the home and ask if there are any improvements for the curb appeal. What about the price? Well, sometimes a lower price does the trick.

Here is a case study I have and I invite you for some feedback. I’ve got a listing and the home has been on the market for over 90-days. YIKES! I’m sweating bullets trying to wrap my head around why this home has yet to sell. When I look at other comparable properties in the same neighborhood, here is what I find my listing has to others:

For the square foot, it is the least expensive one in the neighborhood
The home is professional staged and photographed- so the house looks good and the photos are sharp.
It’s easily accessible, no delays in getting into the home to see it.
Good layout, room count and is in generally good condition.
Sometimes as an agent, it is so frustrating to us that a home is sitting on the market. Sometimes we too, feel totally at loss why the home hasn’t sold when all the market statistics show us that it should be well under contract by now.

I work with my sellers to evaluate and re-evalulate the listing and pricing and make adjustments accordingly. Keeping on pulse with the market and the current happenings, right down to your neighborhood or street. Sometimes though, we just need time to find “that buyer”!

Is your home on the market and hasn’t sold yet? Contact me for a 2nd opinion!

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